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Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital’s HSC Transplantation Program is pleased to welcome you to its Web site!

The information you will find on the Program’s site is intended to provide you with particulars about our Transplantation Program, current knowledge concerning hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and blood disease-related treatments. It also contains information about the various services we offer to the public and health professionals, as well as the steps hematologists must take if they wish to obtain specialized certification in HSC transplantation. This site is intended for information purposes only and does not, in and of itself, contain any prescription or therapeutic recommendation.

The Program, MRH and its partners assume no responsibility for the incorrect use of any information disseminated through this site or for any consequences that could result.

The information contained in the Program’s site comes from many sources from both within and outside MRH. Every possible effort has been made in order to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and reliability of the site’s contents. Nonetheless, it may happen that certain recent changes may not have been posted. The Program guarantees the integrity of information when it first appears on the site, but not subsequently. It is in no way responsible for any document, piece of data or any other content once it has been altered or changed in any manner whatsoever, following its download or retrieval by any other means.

Links to other sites from does not mean that the Program approves the content of such sites, or the products or services that are available on them. The Program disclaims any responsibility as to the accuracy, timeliness and reliability of the information provided on the other sites that you might access by means of the Program’s Web site. Please also note that those sites may have a confidentiality policy that differs from that of the Transplantation Program’s Web site.

Confidentiality policy

The Program attaches the greatest importance to the protection of personal information that you may provide to it and complies with the applicable legislation concerning such protection. Under no circumstances shall patients’ medical records or their personal data be divulged by means of this site.

The Program’s site uses cookies in order to enable its administrators to add enhancements to it on the basis of its users’ interests. These cookies may, for example, indicate which of the site’s pages are visited the most, or the least, which will enable us to focus our resources on updating the most popular information. Any information that is automatically sent between computers does not allow the identification of individuals, and is only used because of the technological requirements inherent to browsers, or for the purpose of collecting statistics.