Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital Université de Montréal

SCT Team

A team of seasoned hematologists whose passion is in the blood


The HSC Transplantation Program has a hand-picked team of expert hematologist-transplant specialists. Eminent physicians, outstanding research scientists and highly engaged medical educators, their reputation for excellence far extends beyond our national borders and brings credit to MRH, the biggest hematopoietic stem cell transplantation centre in eastern Canada.

Dr. Silvy Lachance

Director of the MRH’s HSC Transplantation Program, Dr. Lachance has contributed to the considerable growth of the HSC Transplantation Fellowship Program. An associate professor of medicine at the Université de Montréal, she is also a lecturer and clinician who is much appreciated for her talents as a communicator.

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Dr. Jean Roy

A renowned hematologist-transplant specialist, Dr. Jean Roy is also an associate professor and holds the Industrial Alliance/Université de Montréal Research Chair in leukemia. A prolific researcher who is highly involved in his community, he has more than 130 publications to his credit and regularly acts as a scientific editor and advisor.

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Dr. Sandra Cohen

A highly effective researcher, clinician and assistant professor, Dr. Sandra Cohen has taken part in many U.S. and Canadian clinical protocols in hematology and bone marrow transplantation, among others. The recipient of a number of honorary awards, she is regularly invited to give lectures and presentations at scientific conferences.

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Dr. Thomas L. Kiss

A native of Switzerland, Thomas L. Kiss opted to put his skills and knowledge to work at the MRH’s HSC Transplantation Program, following a career path that first took him to Toronto. A research scientist, clinician and assistant clinical professor, his professional activities often lead him to give lectures and presentations in the United States and Europe.

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Dr. Lambert Busque

A researcher who is respected throughout the international scientific community, Dr. Lambert Busque is responsible for a number of clinical contributions that have now been commercialized and are used to treat leukemia patients. Dr. Busque is also an associate professor of medicine.

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Dr. Denis Claude Roy

Scientific Director of the MRH Research Centre, Dr. Denis Claude Roy is renowned for his research on HSC transplantation, as the 165 publications in prestigious journals that he has authored or co-authored, as well as the four patents that he holds, attest.

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Dr. Guy Sauvageau

Founding Scientific Director of IRIC, Dr. Guy Sauvageau also holds the Canada Research Chair in the Molecular Genetics of Stem Cells. His investigations over the last ten years have resulted in decisive breakthroughs in the understanding of blood stem cell production.

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