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Personal account on the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Program: Dr. Silvy Lachance

30 years of projects and achievement.
30 years, the age to come to maturity.

Since 30 years, the haematologists and oncologists of the Stem Cell Transplant program of Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, welcome, care, guide and follow patients and their family with blood disease and cancer during their difficult journey through disease and treatment. It is a long road of introspection and questioning where the essence of life and living is being redefined. Stem cell transplant is frequently the only cure available and the only way and possibility to reach the shore of tomorrow. Travelling alone but surrounded by many. Reaching in to find some answers while trying to reach out for help, guidance and support.

While walking on the road of stem cell transplant, patients and their family are surrounded by a dedicated and highly competent multidisciplinary team. This team of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, psychiatrist, psychologist, physiotherapist, dietician, social workers and clerks, works tightly together improving the outcome of this difficult journey. Their mission is to teach and inform, to listen and guide patient through their care. The stem cell transplant team has developed over the years an expertise in the art and science of hematopoietic cell treatment.

Stem cell transplant to give back life and hope.
Stem cell transplant to improve disease-free-survival.
Stem cell transplant to improve long term survival and quality of life.
Stem cell transplant to live more then survive.
Live with quality.
Live in dignity.

The Stem Cell is the origin of life, hope and tomorrow.
We are a dedicated and passionate team.
The Stem Cell Transplant Program of Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital is 30 years old.
30 years of growing expertise.
Welcome home to our Program.

Stem cells carry hope and promise...